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The Old Pier

Old Peir
Photo Copyright Erin Leary

In times of yore, many used my gift. Now should you try to reach the settlement on far shore, You will drown. A barricade has been created. Should you try to wade, you cannot evade the trap set. For they took my skin and left me with bare bones. They do not want you on far shore. Stay here in the jungle, for no longer can you join the club. So build you future here on my shore, for they say that there is no space in their world.

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    1. Hi Rochelle
      I wrote this piece sitting in a freezing showroom [heating broken] I am full of cold and waiting for my car which is being repaired. Either the grey sky in the photo or the cold here got to me. Cheers

      1. I feel your pain, Micahel. I’ve been in that position more times than I care to count. There was the one time two years ago I sat in my cold car in the midst of winter waiting for a two truck. The driver had gotten the wrong directions and it took him an hour to find me. If that wasn’t bad enough, his heater was out.

  1. Well told. Very powerful language. I share your despair at the way barricades are going up all over the world. It seems that ‘border protection’ is now the number one virtue for governments. Too bad about the freezing, dying souls beyond the borders.

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