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The Responsible Person

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It was the night of the Christmas party. Cook asked Rick to try a sample before she served it. Rick lifted the floor board to retrieve the wine from under the fire stations dining-room floor. Rick decided that he should be sure about his reply to cooks question, so he had another tumbler of wine before stating it was damned good wine. Then Rick returned to the garage and finished servicing the fire engine. On Boxing Day as the engine left the fire station it’s wheel fell off. Cooks Elderflower wine was even better than last years Parnip wine.

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  1. I’m really, really sure that drinking even small amounts of alcohol is a huge “no-no” for on duty firefighters so somebody is in really big trouble.

  2. I’d guess this guy lost his job. My dad was even worried about being late for his shift even once let alone getting caught drinking at work. Firemen depended on each other and no fooling around was tolerated. Good writing, Michael. I understand it was meant to be humorous. 🙂 —- Suzanne

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