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Reynard the Fox

He knew he was in for trouble, you just did not come between man and wife: and he had got into bed with the wife whilst the farmer was still asleep. He had not meant too it. It just happened that way. At first it had seemed thrilling to Reynard, for he liked a challenge. Then the farmer woke up. All hell broke out, for the farmer wanted in on the action, but he did not want his wife, he wanted Reynard.

All to briefly Reynard was flattered, but the farmer turned nasty. This was to much for Reynard, two plump chickens was all Reynard had really come for, getting perforated was not part of his plan. So he high tailed it out of the chicken coop, as the farmer and his dog gave chase. Up over the wire mesh and diagonally across the vicar’s glebe field he ran. But as he attempted to scale the sloping boundary wall he lost his balance and slipped, causing the farmer’s shot to miss him by a whisker. Then he was away scot-free, great scot, what fun, all for two plump breasts.

I have a copy printed of this

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