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Strange to Relate

Photo prompt by Michelle De
Photo prompt by Michelle De Angelis

As Elizabeth and Jean walked through the music meadow away from St Catherine’s college, such a strange event occurred that they agreed to contact the local constabulary. As they related these events to me, I could not help but smile. You see the event was bizarre. They were passed by white hare in a top hat. Strangely he spoke to them, saying, I am sorry that I cannot stay and talk ladies, I am late for a very important tea party. This exotic looking creature then dashed off whilst holding his top hat between his rather large ears. When later they where joined by Alice, she had been approached by the same individual, when he had asked the way to Magdalen college. Apparently he had lost his way, it seemed that he was visiting Oxford for the first time and had taken the Mesopotamia path by mistake. She later saw him disappear in a flash of white light, as he cried. I will be late for a very important date with a queen.

Footnote: I have walked the Mesopotamia footpath many times, but I never saw the white hare, even in the long harsh winter of 1963.

Michael Humphris.

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