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The Conversation 1936

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Dad the winter is arriving and I don’t know what I should do. Mum’s turned to the Gin. Now the business is going bust. Mum just does not have the determination that you had. Lots of people owe us money. And now the world’s economy’s got into a mess. Mum is so kind and accepts people’s tale of woe. She’s been paying the suppliers bills but no cash is coming in. All your savings have gone. Nancy is always crying. Dad we miss you so much. Mary aged eight. Nancy aged five. Xxxxxxxx

Part of the view from my writing desk
Part of the view from my writing des
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      1. The world isn’t as huge as we like to think. And everything is linked. Even in the thirties, banks failing in one part of the world caused chaos everywhere. Dictators didn’t stay on their own patch, and no one would count on anyone else. Hasn’t changed much.

    1. I nearly always find it difficult to know which information to leave out in flash fiction, with this story there was so much more that might have been said, but that’s the challenge of FF

    1. Dale I am sorry about typos, that is one of my major downfalls; messed up early education! The story was based in truth, excluding the names. Sorry about being close to home.

      1. Nah… blame it on making it look like children wrote it!
        Sad it is based on truth and yeah… I am living some of that right now… Ugh.

  1. I can see this playing out. People taking advantage of the grieving widow, and her turning to gin to drown her sorrows while the business goes to hell in a handbag. Very real.

  2. There is so much unsaid in this great story, and the voice is so believable. Reading in the comments that this is about your grandfather makes it even more poignant.

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