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The Conversation [part two]

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Photo copyright: Roger Bultot.

Jessie had taken the risk of time travel after accidentally killing her nephew. Unable to live with the result of her stupidity, she had volunteered to travel back in time. The arrival year was dialled up, after that any traveller was on their own. Jessie found herself residing in an animal, but at least she could telepathically link with other travellers.

However as humanity switched to laboratory grown food, most animals species became extinct, so transfering to new hosts became hard. In 2727 the last Zoo was forced to close and slaughter its animals. Animals on earth were history.

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  1. Oh! Well, that definitely counts as a surprise! You have so much in here to play with. Have you thought of doing it as a short story instead of flash fiction? (I sound greedy the next thing you know I’ll be suggesting you write a novel!)
    Have you read any Connie Willis? She has done some really great time travel stories. Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog.
    I hope that your reading drought lifts. I had a bit of a self-imposed drought at the beginning of the year. I have never enjoyed the un-self-imposed reading droughts.

    1. Thank you Sascha, I will look up the author Connie Wills. I have a idea about time travel post 2727. Whether it will develop in part three of the conversation I am not sure, — although as I am typing this the ending for part three came to me. — But write a novel, that would have to be in the genre of historical fantasy.

  2. That’s pretty terrible all those animals would do just die out like that. It’s there world too but I guess future humans never thought so. A sad end for Jessie as well.

    1. Mandi that is so true, how ever as I am typing the replies to [the conversation – part two] I think that a possible ending to this [conversation part two] came to mind. Time will tell.

    1. Thank you, Yarnspinnerr, as I am typing the replies to the comments on [The Conversation – part two] a possible ending to the conversation has arrived! Time will tell if I can put it down in a readable manner.

    1. Thank you Rochelle. I thinking that perhaps a third instalment of [The Conversation] will develop, only time will tell. I will be watching out on tenterhooks for the next prompt picture.

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