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The Bones of the Past

Photo prompt curtsy of Renee Heath
Photo prompt curtsy of Renee Heath

Ahote believed the recent destruction of his brother home was down to fate. But he still feared that his tepee would suffer the same fate. So as the new chieftain of the tribe he called a meeting. “I as leader of this tribe have decided to travel south away from the pale face warriors and their fire sticks. I will grant freedoms and land to those who travel and fight best alongside me. It is time to up teepees and build a new future. Our ancestors will travel with us in our hearts and guide us.”

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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  1. Powerful theme. I’m not sure that chiefs would or could ever make such a decision without consultation. Chiefs tended not to be rulers but facilitators of consensus.

  2. The decision to move on must have been one of the most difficult for a chief. You show the mixture of personal and communal motives that influenced his decision.

  3. The homeland determines the identity but settlement of people give a homely feeling to a place even in a strange land. Uprooting is not so easy.

  4. There are times when the only choice to live is to move on. It was so unfair what our “civil” nations brought upon them.

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