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Fire Pit

Photo prompt curtsy of A B
Photo prompt curtsy of Ansha Bhajnagarwala

February is a great month to tidy the garden. I decided to start with the fire pit. A quick brush to remove twigs and leaves was all it needed. Then I prepared my seat, a old chunky wooden bench; that looks as if it will need a wash and oil at some point.

Why you are a cheeky fellow, I expect that you have come to share the heat. Do hedgehogs eat cheese and pickle?. I expect not. Well warm yourself whilst I pinch a bit of the cats food for you. Don’t scorch those toes.

Footnote, Genre: Pure Fiction.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. Sweet. Reads like a fairy tale.
    And I’ll tell you what. Over on this side of the pond, there is not fire pit cleaning! I can’t even find it under all that snow!

          1. We haven’t seen any evidence but apparently the guy who lives opposite has had a lot of damage done to his garden (it’s beautiful) so isn’t too well pleased. We don’t see them often, but smell the disturbed earth so know the sett is still active.

          2. We had a family of hedgehogs visit our garden in our first house. Great entertainment with their little ways and characteristics. We rigged up a water feeder with a frisbee and lemonade bottle.