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Inmate 595

Photo prompt: C.E. Ayr
Photo prompt: C.E. Ayr

Inmate 595 stared out of the unglazed window at the siricus cloud and recalled an earlier time. Thinking about his present situation and how in part it was due to a forced landing at Aswan. Whilst waiting for the Dakota to be repaired he had visited one of Egypt’s sunken treasures. His skill as a navy diver had enabled him to explore a section of the temple of Philae. Resulting in him finding a sealed urn. Returning to the makeshift airfield finding the Dakota repaired, it was not till he reached Aden that he had time to break the seal, only to be disappointed as he found only scraps of papyrus. However whilst waiting to see a political adviser in Aden, he past the time assembling the pieces. What he saw was to change his life forever.

Returning to England and his studies at Oxford, he developed his knowledge of ancient Egyptian writing. Years later as the Rev Septimius Sidebottom he would return to Egypt often. This time his curiosity led him to fall foul of a smuggling gang… As the shutters where closed over the barred window, he wondered if he would ever leave Egypt, or see his wife again.

Michael Humphris.

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