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Fly Soup

Prompt photo from Dale Rogerson

Safa weaved a fine mesh. She needed mesh for her face mask. Mesh stood a chance of keeping the thickening soup of insects from entering her lungs. But now there was another enemy. Gossamer like filaments that stuck like glue to face masks. Cutting vision and clogging up the mesh. Safa took a deep breath, then dived into the water. Water which stopped the flies entering her home. Hundreds of such homes built like beavers lodges once covered the lake, now only three remained. Safa prayed for a severe winter. Then the spiders and flies might disappear.

In this weeks prompt I saw a bug hotel,
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  1. Great, nature story and a wonderful shot of a woodwasp too. although this is a wasp it is entirely harmless. The long ‘stinger’ is in fact an ovi-injector for inserting eggs into the bark of trees.

  2. Dear Michael,

    A bug tale well told. I’m not too crazy about spiders and flies myself. 😉



  3. I’m still doing battle with that gummy gossamer in my conservatory. It’s handy as a fly catcher but the very devil to get rid of. Good story, Michael.

  4. Loved the telling from the bug’s POV: it’s a struggle for survival for man and bug, but both can coexist if done rightly. Now I have to go look up more about these intriguing creatures!

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