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A day at the seaside.

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I move fast, it is so hot, my feet just skim the sand. Then I reach the shade of the isthmus and dive into the ocean, I feel better, but I know that I cannot relax. For there is are dragons closeby.

I can swim fast for my size, but mother tells me that I am not built for swimming. So I find a ledge and climb out to explore. I hope that I will find something of value, something my family can use or trade.

Then I see the footprint. It seem that I am not the first to seek shade today. I freeze, as I realise that the dark shadow at the base of the cave has moved.

Should I dive or fight. Then the harsh sound of a horn tells me that the dragon boats are threatening my village. I dive but I am to late. As my village burns, I swear that I will take my revenge against the Vikings.

Michael Humphris.

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  1. I imagine a small boy in this story and he is swimming and seeing the Vikings destory his village. You and Iain both saw footprints and I saw a heart. LOL! Great story Mike!

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