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Saturn’s Spites

Photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The hierarchy of Saturn’s confederations had held sway for millennia, despite a wide gulf of life forms. Whilst the gas sprites had often sorely tried the dragon lords patience with their playful behaviour. They also kept tight control over the smaller gas based life forms that percolated the deeper reaches of the main body of Saturn. Yes Saturn and it’s moons were a microcosm of distinctive beings. Which the sprites cultivated then brought together to form star like beings that gave patterns off heat and thus melted Saturn’s ice crystals. The resulting patterns in the liquid formed Saturn’s communication network.

To link this story to the prompt remember that Sprites love wine,
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  1. If I ever want a good resource regarding “sprites” I will surely check you out. You write with great authority and knowledge. 😀

    1. Fortunately our wine on Saturn is considered to sweet … Sadly at the moment we are being denied the opportunity to visit Saturn, due to the same reason that I am not allowed meet up with far off friends, so be it

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