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Running Bear

Photo copyright: Karen Rawson
Photo copyright: Karen Rawson

It is bad news Bob, they will not back down. They want the hill back, and will fight for it if they have to. You see it was once theirs. The trees are the clue, you see they built raised platforms using the deceased’s wigwams. Over time some of the poles have rooted.
Anyway as their chief knew that he was dying, so he made them swear to offer up his body here to the birds. He believed that it will allow his spirit to leave. So Bob you go now. They are coming to burn your cabin.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. If he apologizes, maybe they tell him where he can safely build a new cabin. But would he do that? There’s a lot in your story, Michael, and I like the form, how you wrote it as the advice of a friend or neighbour.

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