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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Photo Copyright Roger Bultot
Photo Copyright Roger Bultot

Who was she. God she was beautiful, but dead as a Dodo. What the hell was she doing in my house? Even Shakespeare and his Globe Theatre would have found it difficult to beat her dramatic pose. Then there were the lights, NASA could not have done better! Out of instinct I drew my Walther PPK.

As I moved to a less exposed position, my visitor and her lights vanished. I decided to keep what I had seen to myself for the moment. Perhaps I will talk with the boss later.

Just for a moment I  froze as I looked down on Earth



I have amended the first and last lines.  After posting this story.

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    1. Me also. This is perhaps one story for the bin. I started of with one story but ended up with three differing stories mixed up together.
      I have a feeling Mr Bond has got mixed up with aliens.

    1. Me too. I was having one of those day. I would write it different, but I have a habit of posting early drafts, as occasionally I find that return and find something to use in another story. I am sorry for the hard time, Mike

    1. I the author was having one of those moments, with a least three or four stories all mixed together. In the end Mr Bond was teleported on to an alien space ship, traveling between differing time zones. !

    1. I will try when the right prompt picture arrives, I will attempt a sequel. I sometimes find that I end up writing a series/set of about three stories over several weeks to get the character out of my head.

  1. Well, Mike, that will be a new one. James Bond was abducted by aliens. I hope his solution satisfies them. I wouldn’t want to anger aliens. Good writing. I love a good mystery. 🙂 — Suzanne

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