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Remembering that Day

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Have ever seen cattle released in the spring after spending the winter cooped up in a barn. If you have you will know how we felt the day. Some ran jumping with joy, whilst others cried as they danced. A few refused to believe they stood staring in fright.

The fans were turned off. The walls that our ancestors built were dismantled. Then we found those great doors that had been sealed for millennia: we hammered and dragged them open. We were released from the vast networks of storage caverns which had saved humanity when Adrasteia came. Liberty.

Michael Humphris.

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    1. Freedom to roam at will, is getting a rare commodity these days. O dear I think that I have just given myself another story to write. But thank you for your feed back, it is appreciated.

  1. Oh, wow, what a wonderful capture of liberation! Reminds me of the final scene of “Logan’s Run” when all the people begin coming back out onto the surface. Sooo cool! 🙂 <3

        1. Having time, that is a problem. I feel like I could write for a hundred years. It is strange, I could not write a letter let alone a story, for the first fifty years of my life!

  2. Interesting that you saw gates. Humanity freed after some dystopian catastrophe drove then underground. It does look like a bright and cheery day.

  3. You’ve created a great sense of freedom and exhilaration pent up and released at last. And with the help of cows which I adore and have seen when put out to pasture, even after milking they get quite frisky to be back in the field.

  4. Thank you for sharing that image of the cattle running for freedom. It was very moving. I really enjoyed your take on the prompt. Well done. xx Rowena

  5. Indeed after a century of people living life locked up that would be such relief to be let out if the tunnels and see sunlight. The comparison to cattle is very apt.

  6. Great writing, the feeling of liberation is so real. And I love the concept. Humans are very adaptive, but experiencing the freedom of a planet after being cooped up for so long… marvellous.

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