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The dawnrider is fast, but this day we need more from her. Three longboats have chased us all the way from Albion, and have closed in on us as we slowed seeking a safe place to land our precious guests in Norqweg. Now the longboats have been joined by several other craft, that set out from this land of the ash men. A fine bowmen in one of them, has nearly got our length.

We thought to seek sanctuary in the dawn mist, but these Norse warriors seem willing to shower the mist with their arrows. So the captain turned our craft into the wind, she appeared about to stall. But seeing a weakness he let her fly between two of the Norse craft, smashing their oars. As dawnrider took flight, a cry of came from our guests. One had taken a poisoned arrow in the thigh. So our captain put her in the ocean, allowing an ice spell to send her to sleep. Now we must head for the land of the Ice Queen.

Footnote: To all who follow my writing, I am grateful for your on going support.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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