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Recorded Mail

Photo copyright: Gah Learner
Photo copyright: Gah Learner


Dear Joanne
By the time you receive this letter your father and I will be in Narnia. Darling we do understand why you felt that you had to stay on Atrae… There is something you need to know about the portal. When your grandparents used it, it was in a wardrobe. When we found the portal, it was within a mirror. It seems likely that every decade it changes location and form. Should you desire to visit Narnia, you will need to look deep into your soul. The magic will begin when you reach the portals silhouette.
Love Mum

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Thank you so much Jilly. I have been experimenting with letters and dialogue… I do have an idea for a follow up story, but at the present time I am somewhat unsure about it. Time will tell

  1. I, too, love the idea of the changing portal. I’ll be looking in other places for it now since my wardrobe never got me there. BTW, I think you want to change the My to By in the first sentence. No biggie…

  2. Maybe the portal is this window? It looks like an upper floor, so it would take a good dose of imagination and spunk to attempt to go through! And the consequences of being wrong…

    1. I think registered would do fine, as the letter has travelled through several countries. Had I have a higher word count, I might have indicated some form of magic being used to ensure the letter was received and read,

  3. Nice, like the relevance of the mirror from last week, I wonder if it would be possible to intertwine a tale through out the FF? I’ll try it next year, i’m stuck in a nursery rhyme trip right now and can’t find my way out of that particular portal!

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