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Perhaps a tweet was better.

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Photo copyright: Yinglan

As they started to climb the mountain, she said we all have our faults Mr President. A pregnant silence followed this comment. However they continued with the climb. Half way up the mountain a rock slide showered them. A chunk of old red stone narrowly missed the president, but the climb continued. Near the top she tried again, starting with, we all have our favourite places Mr President, the top of this mountain is mine, you can see how the other two third of the world live from the top, but she got no answer. When at last they reached the top, she waited in silence. Wondering could anything melt the heart of this man. As she looked across a planet divided into the haves and the have-not’s, she realised that it would need a greater individual to cure this planets ills. Sadly she realised these days national flags created division. That night she made herself tweet – Self centred greed is the big evil of planet earth…

Mike prior to his visit to the barbers.
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