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Everything mechanical ground to a halt, as most of the earths electricity drained back into the core of the planet. Only cycles and sail power remained functioning. For a while chaos reigned. Industrial concerns where taken by surprise. It took time for them to adapt, many tried turning to steam power. Nothing is easy without the free flow of electricity. Rides in amusement parks had to make do with gravity. Water power and windmills returned to drive machinery. Attempted were made to open coal mines. The energy of the wind and oceans was now valued. Farming returned to a labour hungry mode. Schools had to radically change their syllabuses.

Deep beneath the earth’s crust, a experimental force field flickered. Close by a Sumerian technicians’ hand wandered over control panels. Ancient symbols last used three thousand years ago, flashed briefly.

On the earth’s surface a former professor listened carefully to the earth’s tremors. Her understanding of Gnosis was leading her to the answer of the current calamity effecting her planet.  At last she understood the Babylonian pentagram and Western Esoteric thinking. It was the Flammarion engraving in reverse. But how did she turn the force fields gate off.

waiting for duty
waiting for duty
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  1. Interesting idea, a world where electricity flows from the planet itself. And yes, I can see how accidentally turning off the force field gate would be a problem! (Maybe they just need to reverse the polarity, lol.)

  2. A good story that left me having to think hard. One good thing that might come out of the situation is that shire horses make a comeback.

      1. That’s what grabs the reader as well. No need to apologise Michael.
        Sometimes it’s frustrating, though, when you have a 5000 word story in your head and only 100 to 200 words to tell it in.

  3. Interesting. I like the idea of having to go back to a time of no electricity. Start to appreciate the planet again.

    Although it may see the end of Sunday Photo Fiction for a while lol. Good story Michael

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