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The Valley of Desolation

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Photo copyright: J Brand

If you take the middle path to Simons Seat, you may come upon the Valley of Desolation. Today it is a place of peaceful coexistence, where a multitude of plants thrive. All evidence of the rent that was inflicted upon the valley in Victorian times has been buried beneath natures healing arms.

As Nigel forced himself to continue the trek to Sarahs’ grave, he found himself almost unable to believe the evidence of his own eyes, for such beauty surrounded him. Yet one hundred and forty seven years back when he had last climbed this valley, it was to search for his wife. In a valley which had been torn apart by one of natures storms.

They say time heals, but Nigel still missed Sarah’s laughter. No matter that he had been married four times since Sarah’s untimely death. He wondered if he would ever forget any of his partners, male or female. At least within the two hundred and thirty partners he had had since he arrived on this planet, none had the same first name.

I wanted in on this page
I wanted in on this page
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    1. Thank you PJ, The valley of Desolation and the storm which torn it apart are factual. As for the main character I have yet to make his acquaintance. Despite my use of a male human name for him, I do wonder if at times he is reborn as female or into other species; he may even be a ‘Doctor Who’ like character. He came out of the blue and was not part of my original plan for this story.

    1. Thank you Iain; truly I am glad that I do not have to list the in laws. The valley of desolation is a real place, the character made himself known when I found myself wondering if anyone was residing in the valley when the storm ripped though it.

    1. Thank you Yarnspinnerr, the valley of desolation exists, and has now recovered from the storm. As for my character who had lived there, as yet I know very very little about him. Not even his real name!

  1. An enjoyable and very imaginative story Michael. A good geography lesson too – I’ve been to Bolton Abbey a few times, but I don’t think I’ve seen Simon’s Seat or the Valley of Desolation. Mind you, these days It’s possible I’ve seen them but don’t remember.
    In case you wondered, the photo was taken near Bransdale Mill in North Yorkshire – perhaps not far from your stamping ground?

    1. To reach Simons seat, it is a high level walk over the moors tops above Bolton Abbey, and somewhat of the beaten track. I rarely get to visit this view piont as dogs are not allowed on this moor, and over the years my dog/s usually go almost everywhere with me. I have started travelling around the eastern side of Yorkshire again and will look up the Bransdale mill area.

      1. Thank you Michael. I’ve tended to visit Bolton Abbey with people who enjoy a stroll, but are not keen walkers. I must make the effort to go back for a proper leg-stretch.
        There are some lovely walks in North and East Yorkshire. The area around Bransdale is definitely worth a visit.

    1. I have distant memories of a steep flight of steps as a child. Then the steps in the prompt led me to wonder about living a long time. I often wonder about what the prompt picture brings out.

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