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The Mistake

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Photo copyright: Dale Rogerson

Hello Vicar, I have brought you a few flowers; they were left over from decorating the church for the flower festival.

Wow that’s a lot of packing boxes!

Has Mrs Mc Duffy over ordered on the altar candles again?

English Victorian Church
English Victorian Church
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  1. Nice story , Michael. I love the honesty of the person who brought flowers and Mrs Mc Duffy’s generosity. Looks like a warm community to live in .

  2. Dear Michael,

    Short and ever so charming. I could picture Mrs. McDuffy as being something of what we call an air-head. Well meaning and sweet, but not a lot going on upstairs.



  3. Hee-hee-heee! The shortest story I ever read here at FF HQ. Also, the funniest in terms of brevity. It just hit me like a shot!

    The word “where” should probably have been “were.” I hate it when that happens.

    Five out of five Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s.

  4. I echo what others said about the story being short and sweet. I also admire how much character and atmosphere you managed to pack into these few words. It feels like being there.

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