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Lost in time

Photo curtsy of Jean Hays
Photo curtsy of Jean Hays

One thousand year after humanity left earth, three individuals came together, the Force knew them as Storm, Issy and the Fox. After meeting on Diamond they decided that it was time that earth’s people where allowed back to their natural home. To ensure this happened they would take on the Force and it leaders. The Force governed to control individuals. Those from earth worked like slaves in clothing factory’s, producing clothing for other planets. Occasionally humans were selected for genetic improvements. Storm and Issy where two such improved individuals, unfortunately for Force its control of them had failed.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. Realistic enough. Soon someone may arrange a contract job to supply aliens items like food and clothing cheap. Humans, men and women will be forced to work hard, till they revolt. But will they? A bulk of us work like slaves to for big suppliers in the US, and Europe. Instead we shall work for some aliens on a different planet. It will be a promotion of sort.

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