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Not in control

Prompt copyright Na’ama Yehuda

Indeed this is a troublesome day, I am going back over countless notes. It seems that my control system is in meltdown, overloaded with copious notes on paper. I need to install a traffic light system. Red meaning send to the bin. Amber, yes they potential. Green, full steam ahead. But where to start ? Perhaps three filing trays.
Now to those emails to myself holding short story drafts. I should order them in the same way. Green: urgent attention needed. Amber: Pending. Red: Bin.

Perhaps a new lockdown might be useful after all. Roll on winter. Coffee time? Yes.

Writer at Work
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    1. That is my dilemma exactly, however with all the rain at the moment, I am making a small inroad into a mountain of notes. And I might add creating more at the same time. !!!

  1. Email to self? Never thought of that. It’s write, file, forget where or when, or simply electronically misplace it. Good one. Enjoyed it.

    1. I have lost count of the photos I have misplace within my electronic gadgets. Fortunately I just about always print a copy’s of my writing. Unfortunately soon I will be fighting a paper mountain

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