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My Darling

Photo Copyright: The Storytellers Abode
Photo Copyright: The Storytellers Abode


My darling Sarah

I do hope this letter will reach you. I am keeping the miniature painting of you next to my breast, it warms my heart. So I regret that I do not also have one of Harry.

The crew have drawn lots, eight of them will take the huskies and head south in the hope of reaching the Hudson Bay. Be assured that I will fight to survive and return to you.

The captain is a tower of strength but many of the men are ill, we think that something is wrong with our food. So we are sending hunting party’s out, but the Arctic is so vast and seemingly devoid of wildlife. If for some reason I cannot return to you I now send all my love to you and my son.  Love you Edward.



This story was inspired by the disappearance of HMS Terror and HMS Erebus in 1847/8

I found myself writing this story last night, which now seems quite appropriate. As this morning the weather has changed, the sky is a brilliant blue, the temperature is minus six centigrade and there is a sharp hoar frost.

Links to an interesting website about Sir John Franklin’s ill fated expedition>antarctic_ships

Sorry I cannot get the website links to highlight!

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  1. Loved how this letter provided a snippet of their love story, but I have a bad feeling about how that story ends 🙁

    P.S. You can always insert links. When you’re drafting a post, there’s a button that has a paperclip icon. That’s the insert link option 🙂

  2. A sad end to a group of intrepid explorers, What an interesting piece of history and you’ve used it to create a great little story. How awful for Sarah, the recipient of the letter, to think her loved one didn’t live for long after writing to her.

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