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Ling’s Emporium

Copyright T Paris, Ling's emporium
Copyright T Paris, Ling’s emporium

Mr Ling crossed the street, and then looked back at his emporium, something was missing. Yes there was a wide range of merchandise for customers to buy. Birds in cages, Jade, earthen ware tea pots and fine bone china mixed with bric-a-brac. Mr Lee was pleased with what he saw, but he wanted more. Stepping back he moved into the path of Miss Chuang who promptly fell of her new bike. Bowing low he assisted her to her feet, a wide beaming smile crossed his face, two for the price of one. In time Miss Chuang would become his bride and he would add bicycles to his items for sale. One generations later Mr Ling’s son would open a factory manufacturing bikes. Then Mr Ling’s grandson moved the family firm into car manufacturing. A dynasty was being formed, and behind it all was grandma Ling-Chuang, who smiled and remembered well the day she steered her bike into her personal choice for a husband.

Zorran turned to James and indicated that he was to enter a empty cell. As James lifted his gun Zorran smiled and James gun disappeared. In this moment of theatre Spock took the opportunity to use a Vulcan nerve pinch on Zorran. As Zorran decended into unconsciousness the transport craft also appeared to James to be rendered unconscious. Lights dimmed and a door opened, James thought that he saw pulsating tubes and lights then smelt fetid air. He heard Spock tell the craft to return James to the Shakespeare’s Theatre. Unfortunately James found himself standing on Shakespeares stage in the year 1606, Macbeths lady lay dead at his feet.

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  1. LOL! I love the ending! She ran into him on purpose! That’s funny. This is a cute story! I wasn’t able to get to your link from the Story Board. I don’t know what’s going on.

  2. Awwww, I love this very much and it is very true to life.
    Can I ask a favour?
    You said you had read my short stories, would you be able to give me any pointers or construtive critism.

    1. Chioma I am glad that you liked the story. I am not a great choice for giving critical feed back, but am so pleased to be asked. I will try to follow your posts and make constructive comments occasionally.

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