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Prompt provided by Carole Erdman-Grant

The derelict old library stood forlorn. Books had been banned. Something to about being unhealthy for the masses. If you needed to learn you went to the government computer terminal. So the children asked old Thomas questions, like what was a library, why did you write. Thomas prevaricated…

When writing was banned, the planets governments had declined then disintegrated. All that was left from the past were the boring old Thomas terminals, so the children started drawing. Now Thomas was bored so he invented letters. His challenge was what to do with them. Lexicon and Grammar where beyond him.

Photograph copyright Christopher Humphris
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  1. Dear Michael,

    I’m not the best these days about sitting down and reading a book, however, the thought of libraries shut and down and classics banned makes my blood run cold. Thoughtful story.



  2. Well, I have a feeling what comes around…
    it is something I fear. We are becoming a dystopia of the uneducated… it starts with book bans and ends…

  3. A great take and a frightening dystopian world. Schools banish science already, all education is a threat to the greedy on top. But people will prevail and if they have to go Fahrenheit451

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