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Prompt = Sandra Crook : Devon has lovely red soil ! that is my excuse…

Keira found herself leaving the city of Uga, she would miss the red sky. Smiling as her ship sailed over Jupiters red spot, something which had long challenged earthlings.

Keira set the trims which would result in her landing at Uranus.

She wondered if the earthling that had arrived from Mar would still be alive. The dragon lords on Uranus where a rough lot. Keira had always struggled to tame their riotous behaviour.

Even with her royal birth and her role as high priest, some males struggled to control themselves. Indeed her perfume intoxicated them, even though her bite killed them.

A report from Keira on the earthling
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  1. I like the SciFi theme as you continue. With all the speculation of people living on the moon by 2030, I can only wonder about the weekly shopping trip back and forth from Earth.

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