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Please let us in Col Rhubarb, it is coming, we heard the church bells and saw you taken in here. We are not simple village folk you know. Please let us in. Please do not deny us.

Go away you idiots. You will let it in here. You are safer out there. You have sun light, and fresh air. It is dark and cold in here. They have shut me in for the winter- Col Mustard loves me to grow strong and straight- and I have to be a pale pink. But its Jack Frost he is coming, he’s deadly.


Today I was going to write a piece about nuclear shelters. But I stopped at the bank on the way to the internet cafe. In the bank I met a gentle old pug known as Col Mustard. So the story changed, and I will have to save the my trip to the nuclear shelter for another day. I am sorry that you are denied such a treat.🙂

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    1. Rhubarb can be just great when well used. I had a little luck meeting a grand old pug called Col Mustard. He swung the story for me with his cheeky face and great name. The rest just fell into place as luckily it does on rare occasions.

    1. I had a little luck this week, when I met a grand old pug called Col Mustard, just before writing my story. The rest as they say just fell into place. My original idea was to write a story about a group of people trying to gain entry to a shelter. What I ended up with – was fortunately much better.

    1. Thank you Suzanne for letting me know how this story came over. I think on hindsight that I should not have made Rhubarb a Colonel. Two differing Colonel in one story was one colonel too many. Also in one place I think that my grammar Was incorrect – but I loved writing this story.

  1. I can just see Col Mustard with the candlestick! I loved playing Clue as a kid. Great story, Michael. What a unique experience to meet a Col Mustard in real life.

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