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So Familiar

Photo copyright:E Wicklund
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Why the statue certainly has a pert bum, and I have seen some bums in my time as doctor. You know this statue reminds me of the time that Johnny Hall attended to be weighed in for the world championships. At that time I was the medical officer for the world boxing association. Anyway Johnny’s opponent suddenly went berserk, started throwing punches, he had Johnny on the floor in fifteen seconds. I never seen Cliff throw better punches. Sadly when Johnny head hit the floor he suffered a brain bled. He never boxed again. Of course the boxing association banned Cliff from ever boxing again. So that day, the weigh in ruined the careers of two boxers. I found out latter why Cliff went berserk. When he saw Johnny’s bum he recognised it, as the one that he had seen departing from his wife’s bedroom window the week before.

Footnote: This weeks prompt photo was provided by Eric Wicklund. To whom my thanks go. For I never thought that I would post a short story about pert bums and boxing.

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  1. Ah yes, pert bums have been the ruin of many a young life, especially when seen sneaking out of the wrong bedroom. Although I’m confused about who hit whom — or did you switch the names mid-story?

      1. If I had a dollar for every typo that made it into the first “published” version of one of my posts… Well, I wouldn’t be rich, but I would definitely be rich-ER. 🙂

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