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A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey

Up and away they ran, a band of friends heading towards the sunset. Three playful puppies and a dancing butterfly. I could see their reflections mirrored in the glittering ocean, a reflection that was broken into hundreds of segments by rippling silvered waves. These friends were a frisky golden retriever, a blue merled welsh collie, and a jet black cracky or a mutt if you would prefer.

The puppies skipped and jumped in joy as they followed the butterfly. Well what puppy does not like to follow a butterfly. Miami, Ma’ayan and Itzel are three happy girls. Whom the peacock red butterfly called Lan’ah was blissfully unaware of.

For it appeared to me and perhaps to anyone else who cared to watch; that each of was residing in a world of their own making, encased by crystal glass walls. As they skipped and bounced over the hot sand, with their delicate paws barely touching the surface.

Yet they were being observed from a quayside wall by a brindle marked feline, but so enthralled where they of taking part in such a pastime; they did not see the dark grid iron whiskers or the wild cat markings on his twitching tail. Perhaps this feline fellow, is a fisherman, waiting for souls.

I was so pleased with the comments received for my last post which called ‘Life once resided here’; that I tried my hand at writing something along similar lines, with little success.

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