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In the Box

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Photo copyright; C E Ayr /[caption]

Interlinked squares gave Jack access to many options. Jack believed that’s how it should be, but the sad look of on a child’s face when Jack failed to materialise made him feel miserable. His friends the three little pigs said he should seek help. He decided to visit his friend, the wise old owl. But owl had learnt that the less he spoke the more he heard. So Jack decided to call on his friend Toad, but all Toad said was croak. So Jack took courage and visited Old Mother Goose, who told Jack that her friend Mother Hubbard, knew of an old women who lived in a Shoe: And this old women had a friend called Jill who lived on a hill and was looking for a home. So Jack went up the hill and came tumbling down again with Jill. Jill took him home and bandaged his head with brown paper and vinegar. Soon the gingerbread squares where filled with young Jacks and Jill’s. Now each time someone taps on a square, either a Jack or a Jill appears. The Dog laughed seeing such fun, untill a Wolf blew the house down.

Footnote It’s strange where a picture of a house can take one.

[caption id="attachment_1288" align="alignnone" width="300"]barbers Mike prior to his visit to the barbers.
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