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Do you Remember


Alice do you remember the photo of your great great grandad sitting here. Do you recall what Kate said about their holiday. How the week before their trip here William had gone to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. He had ridden the Big Dipper putting his straw boater between his knees for safe keeping. How it had been as flat as a pancake when he had got off the ride.
They came here on holiday a week later, Kate said they had a great time and that the weather was glorious. Do you recall that Kate said William became ill on the journey home, having sunstroke.
Well dear, I think that we have had enough sun today. Should we visit your favourite cafe for afternoon tea. You said that the dainty cakes reminded you of visiting Kate. Come dear. No not that way, that goes to the harbour. This way love, you remember our favourite cafe, just up the slope. Look Vicky is waiting for us. No it is not Kate love. Vicky is your daughter.


My thanks are due to PJ for all the work she puts in to keep Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers running and this week to The Story Tellers Abode for the prompt photograph.

I wrote this story before the repugnant and cowardly attack at Manchester last night. To target innocent children is a sign of heninous and inexcusable evil.

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