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A Letter Home

Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding
Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding

A quiet woodland that’s all I crave, littered with balls and sticks; and that you might think of me once in a while. But do not grieve for me, for I have travelled to a better place and await your arrival. Here waiting with me are all you knew as friends. We will be able to answer all those questions that you wanted to ask of us. In the meantime Buster says ‘she’s’ forgiven you for getting her sex wrong, she knows that budgies hide it well. Rab the rabbit says that he and his wife have forgiven you for eating them when time were hard. The cat’s and there are lots of them purr all day, occasionally they complain that you never brought them live mice, but then that’s what most cats complain about. As for us dogs, Judy wants to know why she was the only bitch you ever cared for, whilst Whisky wants to know why you used his name for a cats name. Tim has forgiven the rabbits for running, as has Sam with the seagulls. Whilst myself and Murphy just can’t wait to hear you say “walkies”, as there is so much to explore here.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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