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Photo copyright: Ted Strutz
Photo copyright: Ted Strutz

As water splashed my face, I realised that it was time to get up. When I was a sleepy teenager my mum always knew how to break through my teenage inertia. A wet flannel and a bowl of steaming porridge usually did the trick. Perhaps we all need a splash of water at some point, I certainly did and still do. But now as a writer I see water in a different light: it is life. There are many differing shades of water. In the dark times the water maybe black, but without water there is no life.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. Dear Mike,

    I used water to wake my kids, too. 😉 Once I put on red lipstick and kissed my youngest awake. As for your story…loved the use of water.



    1. Thank you C.E. Over the last week I needed to pen a newsletter for a small garden model railway group that I am part of. hopefully now I will how be able to get my brain back into a writing fiction mode.

      1. It is a great swimming beach. The Southern end, which is at the bathing pool, has very small waves and it was great when we were kids and my mother also loved it. Further up the Northern end, has bigger waves and is more popular with surfers.
        I also remember we could get ourselves spraying with coconut oil at the beach bac in the day…it was so luxurous and tropical. Never crossed my mind that I was frying myself.

          1. I had a fabulous Chai Latte in Sydney’s Surry Hills which was made on coconut milk. It was like a fluffy cocnut cloud. However, when I went back, the cafe had closed. I tried one locally but it wasn’t the same. You’ve nudged me to get back on the trail and see what I can find.
            Best wishes,

          2. It’s the same here, although I was out with a friend for coffee and she ordered a chai and it jogged my memory for I might talk to that cafe and see what they could come up with. They have the right sort of mindset to take it on, which is a start.

          3. Have you tried chai ? I first tried it when visiting a family from India in the late 1970s. It’s composition can vary a lot. I liked it. There is welcome rain here today, so I am going to try my hand at writing a romance, which will be somewhat out of my comfort zone.

  2. It’s raining today, and people grouse about the rain. Without it, where would we be. I share Iain’s pain. The water can calm and refresh.

  3. A few years ago we had sever water shortages, just like Cape Town is going through now. Our dams was completely dry. Very trying times. Water is life. But as is human natures, people are still wasting it today.

  4. I used to splash a little cold water in the face of a child having a tantrum but old enough to know better. No words needed, and the tantrum stopped with a gasp. Amazing what water can do.

    We’re certainly not having drought here in my corner of PA. It’s been a wet week. My flowers are thriing, soaking up the water like an elixir. Life-giving.

  5. good point. i remember the time i was in plitvice lakes in croatia observing how the lakes and waterfalls change color based on the direction of the sunlight.

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