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Down Deep

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Photo copyright: Connie Gayer

Laughter flew away the day Bert died, Bert’s son John had tried his hardest to keep the family farm going. It had been Bert’s pride and joy. The farm had grown like an acorn, from a few acres to a fully fledged mixed farm of two hundred and ninety acres. Until the day that the rear wheel of the new tractor broke though an old land drain. The tractor had reared up and tipped over backwards crushing Bert. John had been the one to find his father. As John repaired the broken drain he wondered if the laughter would ever return.

Footnote: At the present time I am unsettled with my writing, so I may be a bit slow posting material.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. Dear Mike,

    A sad tale, well told. My only quarrel is the lack of apostrophes for possessive….Bert’s son, Bert’s pride and joy. (They belonged to Bert, therefore require the punctuation). Aside from that it’s a good story filled with pathos.



  2. This made me sad! (In a good way!)
    Sometimes writing is a lot of work filled with confusion and dissatisfaction. You’l come through this time ready to write like a madman. 😉

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