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The Social Club

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Photo copyright: Dawn Miller.

She was not yet nineteen, but carried herself with attitude; refusing to pay the membership fee, to enter the run down ex army hut, which served as the hospitals social club. So I called for two tumblers of our best ale and suggested that she ย joined me on door duty. As we chatted other girls from the new intake of students arrived and paid the minuscule membership charge. But my companion continued to argue about the charge. So the glasses were refilled, and so on went the rest of the evening. In the end the fee would not be paid that night. As the club shut for the night, I suggested we continued the conversation at my bedsit over coffee and biscuits. But I forgot that the biscuits were for a dog, and the coffee had to be black, as I had no milk. Surprisingly the night was a success. Fifty years later we still talk, did I ever get the 10p fee; no.

A Tea Break for a Writer
A Tea Break for a Writer
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  1. This is in an interesting story Michael and an interesting girl to be sure. I wonder why she was so against paint the miniscule fee. That’s cheap, but on the other hand your speaker becomes good friends with her, so I’m guessing she had other good qualities,

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