Relic’s from the Past

Today’s prompt comes curtesey of Phylor, it gave me a some hard moments, I had one line [the twins looked at the horse and smiled they saw her as a relic from the past, and no relic was going to muscle in on their patch] written in a few minutes. The rest took hours!



Hannah ordered twenty, one ton builders bags full of logs, the delivery guy looked at her and smiled, then asked if she was expecting a hard winter, she replied definitely. The twins looked at the horse and smiled, they saw her as a relic from the past, and no relic was going to muscle in on their patch. ┬áBut Hannah’s horse Magic knew better and headed over to the old barn.

The states emergency broadcast advised the entire population to head for fire proof shelters. Hannah with her training as a scientist knew what to expect. The solar flare when it came was huge, three times bigger than the one described by Richard Charrington in 1859.

All electrical circuits shut down, many transforms melted, computer chips fried. The twins failed to start, so Hannah rode Magic into town, there was going to be a lot of work to be done before society managed to return to normality.

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  1. Priceless Joy

    Great story, Michael! He saw the horse as a relic from the past and turns out the horse saves the day!

    1. Michael Humphris

      It does seems that the old ways could still work, thank you for your vote of confidence, mike

  2. Joy Joyancel

    Nice Story, old is gold.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you Joy

  3. izzy-grabs-life

    Ha! Joy (old is gold). That’s so fitting for this take of the prompt. Great job, Michael! It probably is going to a very long to get a new normal, so I really hope they’re in for the long haul. I also hope things don’t turn into the Walking Dead or anything!

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