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The journey

Photo curtsy of Wild Verbs
Photo curtsy of Wild Verbs

Tirelessly you served. But today my farm falls silent, the world has moved on. It has been decreed that farming no longer needs animals. They are digging mass graves all over the globe. We must grow our proteins in huge vats. The cruelty of humanity has finished with your demise. The earth no longer has room for your like. Global warming took away nature’s wild animals, now mankind will remove the last mammals. It has been decided that you must die, that man may grow more palm oil, more plants and so feed his ever burgeoning numbers. I still miss the fledging chicks, but all the birds where eradicated last year. That year they even took the farm cats. Now you my dog had to go. Shep I miss you terribly. Humanity has at last conquered the world. The future is bleak.

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