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From your Mother

Photo courtesy of: Joy Pixley
Photo courtesy of: Joy Pixley

Dear Daughter

I am writing this sitting in a yurt deep within the heartland of Mongolia, so please do not worry that there is no address. I understand that you received a letter from your father, he has now left Nepal. We plan to meet up in China. He enclosed a rustic drawing within his letter, it was you understand a map holding a code as to where you might join up with us. Please move quickly, time is of the essence. Joanne, you where born to explore, exploration is in your genes. Generations of our family have travelled planet earth. You know how your maternal grandmother loved Ceylon, and how your father’s family sailed the high seas. The trails that your father and I travel should enable us to meet up in central China. Remember she who waits for fate may miss out on the discovery of the millennium. Decode the map your father sent, and you may travel with us into a new realm. Recall that when you where nothing but a bundle of fun, your father’s father took the plunge and travelled to the stars. So look to the map and the stars for guidance. Travel fast Joanne.

Footnote: A faint copy of the supposed map can be viewed within my last flash post.

A detail from a map.
A detail from a map.
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  1. I can’t find the previous post that references the map, so I feel like I’m missing some important clues, but this letter / story is still interesting without them. What a complicated family it portrays, and on such mysterious adventures! I love the idea of sending a secret coded map, and the hints of danger it implies.

    1. Thank you Joy, I also am confused by how this story is developing. The map I referred to, was a rough and faint sketch of mud rendered flats piled one on to of another. How and if it can be decoded, that I am rather unsure of.

        1. Thank you Joy; I have rescently started on a letter to send to a magazine asking how I can hold back the multitude of characters who desire to get into my stories. I need to figure that out also.

  2. I like the idea of the map also leading to star travel. At least that’s what I saw.
    Supposedly if you go back far enough in star charts, the Pyramids in Egypt mimic placement of the stars in Orion’s belt with the Nile river being the Milky way.

    1. I love those rare night when one can see the Milky Way. It must have been magical in the days before town lighting. I once stood in Time Square NY at night, not being able to see the stars, it was like having no soul. You could be right about travel to the stars, although in the end I saw her parents just crossing a magical divide.

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