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Photo copyright: Roger Bultot.
Photo copyright: Roger Bultot.

I am being escorted by a fleet of various vehicles carrying gun toting police and army personal. What the heck, I have always wanted to visit Egypt. A little danger adds to the ambiance. And what atmosphere this country has. Tanks rub shoulders with densely built houses, fat old men ride tiny donkeys. Children guide camels into dark narrow alleyways. The Egyptian museum of gives me antiquities, and the local pyramids fill me with awe. I am dinned like a king, yet around me is poverty. Powerless I leave, traveling through the night. Never to return to this a cradle of antiquity.

Footnotes: Genre Memoirs. The picture reminded me of the time I spent at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities.
I do attempt to read the stories posted on FF. However commenting challenges me, it always has.

mike and bike
mike and bike
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  1. Is it safe to visit Egypt just now? I can’t keep up with where’s safe and where we are advised to avoid. Another country I would love to visit but may never get the chance.

  2. I like your juxtaposition of differences – tanks and houses, fat old men and tiny donkeys. I particularly like the way that as a tourist you are a king and yet you are powerless.

  3. Very neat word picture of the middle east. I’m not sure any place there is safe to visit now.

  4. I had a friend who lived in Cairo for almost 2 years with her hubby who was in the military. She said she stayed scared a lot of the time because of the danger but wouldn’t trade her experiences there for anything! Loved the memoir.. <3

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