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The Conversation: Part Three

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Mercury was waiting, the mines were always short of workers. What the authorities back on earth had failed to understand was that the Mercuians were not just mining for the sake of mining. They were recreating the vast underground cities that had once existed on Mercury. Existed that is before their near total annihilation when differing Mercuian sects had turned on each other for supremacy. Cascading explosions had brought about a great schism as the planets mantel shifted. The result being the near total destruction of the Murcuian people.

The transportation of earths unwanted elements to Mercury was allowing Mez to rebuild the old capital city of Ezze. The transported humans were working hard, it seemed that they blossomed when given freedom. Mez had been surprised at their creativity, he had agreed to let the beings manage themselves. It seemed to him better; as it was now the Mercuian way.

Professor Jap
I offer this instalment of my ongoing time travel conversation, in hope for humanities future.
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  1. Things are brightening or shall we say hottening up in Mercury. I await the next episode. Nicely written, Michael. I too am doing a series, but is on more earthly matters.
    It’s titled ‘Lovers’ . You can read it and give me your views. The link to the first one is also attached. Have a nice day.

  2. I haven’t read the other instalments, Michael, and I won’t, but I quite liked this as a stand alone piece.
    Small crit, ‘near total’ twice in 3 lines.

    1. Thank you, for pointing out the repetition of ‘near total’ I do tried to advoid repetition but missed this one. My story the ‘Conversation’ ‘1+2+3’ has taken over my head at present; but I agree each post should stand by itself.

  3. Interesting world building, and I like the intrigue — clearly you have to watch these Merculans closely, they have their own agenda (and of course, why wouldn’t they?)

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