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Framed in Moonlight

Photo copyright: Goroyboy
Photo copyright: Goroyboy

I still had many miles to travel before I reached Fort William. As it was a starlit evening I tried my luck at hitch hiking. By 11 pm I was regretting this decision, and my feet sore from walking. Head down I was almost at a standstill as a vehicle slowed to travelled alongside me.

Did I need a lift?

Looking within the battered shooting brake, I saw a young couple and a vehicle almost loaded to the roof. Needs must, so I slid in between the roof and the paraphernalia of their life. I made myself comfortable so that I could see out of the windows.

Whilst my feet rested, the conversation flowed as we shared our passion for Scotland. That is until Loch Ness appeared sparkling in the moonlight. Transfixed by sublime beauty, I found myself studying the shimmering surface. My attention was drawn to a dark area, traveling parallel to us. I still wonder did I really see that head on top of a curving neck.

These days I do wonder, did I see Nessie: or did the smoke from the joints being smoked by my travelling companions intoxicate me.
Genre: My Memoirs
Michael Humphris.

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    1. You are right Neel, I have added a comma. The phase is not modern queens English, but the phrase has certainly been in use since the early 1400s. It is better known and used as John Lydgate a poet and monk put it, “needs must when the Devil drives”

    1. Not Puff; but maybe Inhale. But then surely you believe in Nessie. Nessie is like Whiskey best taken neat. Neat meaning ‘pure’. Although I admit that a wee dram of whiskey stirred into porridge is rather nice,

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