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Chattering Noise

Copyright C E Ayr smart

It is time to leave.
But dad we have sold our transport!

Son I have hired our old boat, long enough to get us to Alexandria, the new owner will be crewing for us while she learns the ropes.


Yes the new owners a women. No cracks about having a women on board?

Dad what will we do when we reach Alexandria?

We hire a pair of camels.

Can’t we hire donkeys dad, they don’t spit.

No the last time I hired a donkey my feet touched the ground. No we take camels and head south.

Now get that outboard ticking over….


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  1. I love your idea of crewing on a boat to learn the ropes. I hope she learns a lot on the way to Egypt and that the father and son find what they are looking for when they get there. Good story, Michael.

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