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So I am challenged again my Rochelle’s photo, can I rise to its challenge

Dragons and sprites inhabit the upper reaches of Saturn, but the true guardians of the planet live deeper. To our minds they may appear as ghosts, for their skeletons are but a mixture of magnetic and electrical atoms, clothed in a blending of Saturn’s numerous gases. When these beings coalesce their powerful auroras shimmer and glow, creating a form of nourishment that feeds all the life forms on Saturn and its moons. So pure is this aurora, nothing is allowed to pollute the deeper reaches of Saturn. Creating pollution means instant banishment to the ice crusted rings of Saturn.

Life can be what you find on your journey,
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    1. Humans at present are banned from Saturn, as the dragon lords believe we would pollute it, may be they are right. If we send one more satellite their way, I am worried they might turn upon us

  1. Dear Michael,

    If we had a similar penalty for pollution on Earth the planet would be vacant. Imaginative story.



  2. Pollution of an essential natural resource should be almost unheard of. Who would be daft enough to pollute their oceans, land and atmosphere? Oh, hang on a minute…
    I reckon your dwellers on Saturn have the right idea, Michael

  3. I like your imaginative concept of the being at the top of the food chain. I just read something the other day about all that exists being made of vibrations, which means every thing is sentient. I like the idea of your energy beasts that appear as ghosts.

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