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Delusional Fear

Photo copyright Trish Nankivell A tree moves in the sun: As a dust devil develop’s. The breeze tweaks my ears, Once motor vehicles hurried by. Conversation was denied... Now Rustic colours complete with rainbows, whilst leaves tremble in the breeze.…

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Life as a Poem

Photo copyright Sandra Crook Rustling leaves tell of your presence:Red admirals glides in your arms.Trees put on their top hats,Foxgloves spout. Cabbage whites flutter, children play.A bronze beetle scurries as a football lands.Bumble bees skims a green seaArtic poppies kiss…

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Photograph Copyright C E Ayr Skipping came naturally to her, just like a fairy said her father. Whatever the surface, she moved with grace. No one who watched her could fail to smile and wonder why. But society said she…

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photo curtsy of Susan Eames Now Mr Palmer had heard that a coaching hostelry was for sale. His friend Mr Hunt might see an opportunity for a business venture. Palmer did not foresee that fate would place the two men…

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Prompt curtsy of Sarah Potter It was pure exploration on my behalf, starting with exploring under bridges, then crawling inside dark drainage tunnels. So I found my pathway along the river Glyme into Bleinheim Park. Rambler should have been my…

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Better late to the party, than not turning up. Searching for infinity is rather like looking through a ship porthole and seeing the ocean surface but nothing below or above. Sometimes I feel like I have touched infinity, yet it…

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