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Photo prompt provided by John Nixon

Magpie is a magical place, one can’t call it a shop because of what happens their. The items that arrive amaze me. Where should I start, perhaps with the Georgian settle, minus its cushions, but they will appears if you are carrying a book… or should I start with the array of battered suitcases, each have labels with unfamiliar destinations. Open a lid and you are transported to a different life. If you are feeling less adventurous rummage amongst the bewildering smaller items on display. A brass diving helmet with take you to the bottom of the ocean. My favourite you must guess.

Yes it is
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  1. What a delightful concept! That would be a lovely shop to visit. Perhaps I could make it to Greece without having to go through Heathrow!

    1. Thank you Anita, in your story last week I saw several angles, including metamorphosis… and dementia. I read all the stories posted, but I often struggle with my muse when it come to commenting,

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