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Storm dennis

Storm Dennis Michael sat in his bed reading a copy of the Eagle magazine. It was full of fascinating adventures. Often michael dreamed of traveling the globe, building dams and bridges. Sixty years later Michael sat at his writing desk,…

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Photo prompt curtsy of Fatima F Deria The silence was profound, Donald had never been anywhere so remote before. He usually travelled in crowded coaches, usually to attend some party. So to find himself standing in the midst of moorland…

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Night Air

photo curtsy of Dale Rogerson. Fredrick took a deep breath of fresh night air, it would be the last sweet air that he sampled this night. He tightened the string holding up his latest pair of trousers collected yesterday from…

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A young girl born to walk, but fate decreed otherwise. She made the best tortillas and produced a great goat stew, but never walked the length of America or climbed the Himalayas. Fate was a boy called Joseph. Footnote: Sorry…

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