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Club night

Since childhood years I have constructed model railways in OO scale. Then ten years ago I added G scale to my modelling interests. For me constructing a model railway is like writing, for I find that I build a whole…

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Cascading Waterfalls

A storm arrived early this morning, so much rain falling on top of the already saturated ground, so that torrents of surface water cascaded into the rivers and on down the many waterfalls in the dales. If only we could relocate some of the…

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The Kestrel

A few days ago a visit to see grandchildren resulted in me taking two dogs for a walk  up a rather narrow country lane towards Silsden Moor. I was rewarded by an opportunity to watch a kestrel hover as it looked for prey,…

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Writing and Photography

I have never found photography an easy art to understand, so getting the right photo for that I want rarely happens. Intending to write a short piece about a journey made a few years back, I attempted to obtain a photo to illustrate the article.…

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