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Thinking about computers

My writing area
One of my writing area’s.




Computers can be such a boom, using a computer has allowed me to write and to publish online what I produce, in a format which is readable. Not like my jumbled up notes which are hidden away in writing pads, where punctuation is unknown and grammar goes out the window: As for spelling mistakes it’s best not to even go there.

So welcome computer, even if you really wind me up, for you always point out my mistakes, plus why do you not like my attempts at spelling. And as for that red cross of yours [switch off button] I am always clicking on it by mistake: And whilst I am on this subject where have those first drafts of mine gone?

Yet I thank you computer for I love having my own website where I may publish my authorial work. And thank you reader for staying with me and persevering with my personal take on punctuation.

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