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Thought for Mothers Day

Metal before medicine, Medals before healing, Money for ammunition, But not for Peace.   Guns before help, Tanks before aid, Fighters before spades, But not before Peace.   Starvation before food, Anger before love, Terror before calmness, But not before me.

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It's Mother's Day, I am sat in my favourite cafe, it's very busy, staff are earning their wages. Robbies quite restless. And I am remembering family days past, it's good to have good memories to balance the sad ones. Time…

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Farmer John

Farmer John asked did I see him take a tumble yesterday, no says I, but I seen your twins and they are complaining about the weather, as it's to cold for them. To true says he it's too cold for…

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Two great Ladies

At my usual pit stop for coffee today I met two ladies affectionately known as Piglet and Boobar. It is a pleasure to visit a coffee shop which will allows my canine friends to call in; be they smooth haired or 'ruff cut'.        …

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Music and language, both are so special, but both are so damned difficult. It is so easy to gasp the wrong end of the stick. How we perceive what we hear, has such profound implications. Add in local dialects or…

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Chattering Teeth

There is still a cold edge to the wind, and so the snowdrops seem reluctant to open fully. It seems that winter is not done with use yet. Even if weak sunlight dapples the landscape and encourages the birds to play. Whilst in a few…

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